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I Dig The Skin I'm In, I Am Loving Myself Skin Deep!
Digging The King In You, Chosen One!*

* Music by Vadym Kuznietsov

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Meet Jeanette
Jeanette Medearis is a public speaker, song writer, producer, and the author of I Dig The Skin I’m In, I Am Loving Myself Skin Deep, Digging The King In, You Chosen One, The Sisterhood Of Earthen Vessels and Tailor–Made Joe books. She feels that her books have been truly God infused and inspired. She loves writing, being creative and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Jeanette has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Master of Education Degree in Counseling and Development. She knows first-hand of ways to increase and develop a greater sense of self to boost self-esteem after following an 18-year career working with children and at-risk youth. Jeanette has worked with children in multiple roles throughout her career as a Counselor, Mental Health Technician, Case Manager, Therapist, Project Specialist and as an Executive Director of a Juvenile facility. She has worked in the capacity of School, Detention, Residential, Day Treatment and Hospital settings with children and adults. Jeanette is the mother of two uniquely talented children. She strongly feels that when you love who you are and whose you are, there is nothing that should limit you from achieving what you want in life. Jeanette would like to encourage everyone to never dim your inner light just to fit in with others, keep moving forward in a positive way and always know that you are truly loved. One of Jeanette’s daily reminders would be to always let your amazing L-I-G-H-T shine while loving and valuing yourself skin deep, Confidently!
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I Dig The Skin I’m In, I Am Loving Myself Skin Deep!


I Dig The Skin I’m In, I Am Loving Myself Skin Deep book presents 12 values to inspire yet motivate children to rediscover ways to reshape, refocus and renew healthy thoughts from the inside out. These 12 values are unique and can be used to deposit positive seeds of greatness within to help transform and increase children’s self-esteem from within. The values obtained through their reading can then be demonstrated on the outside of who they are while valuing and loving their total selves, gracefully.

Digging The King In You, Chosen One!


Now is the time to inspire, educate, and tap into the phenomenal King qualities within you. There are incredible Kingly reminders inside this book that you can explore and apply to your daily routine which will motivate you to soar upwards in life. Learning new skills, toolsets, and practical ways to develop positive self-esteem and healthy thought patterns from the inside out is the greatest gift you can give yourself, King. You are unstoppable, worthy, and need to recognize your royalty. Always allow your powerful King light to shine boldly, courageously, and confidently!



46 Chapters – 253 pages: A new novel by Jeanette Medearis – A father’s love begets hatred, jealousy, and betrayal as a murderous plot ensues among brothers. The family dynasty, Canaan Investments, Developments, and Associates Company, hangs in the balance of a spotlighted favoritism of Joe. Cast as the special One, Joe feels the burns of lost brotherly love. He soon finds himself the target of an animosity-filed scheme. Facing a devious crossroads, will Joe still be standing at the end?